[ Instagram Followers ]

URL Example : 

Where USERNAME is your Instagram

Username , the Profile MUST NOT BE 

PRIVATE! Order the order will not be 



 - Account Must Be Public, Private Accounts Won't Get Services And Will Not Be Refunded, Url should start withhttps://

 - Always enter quantity in whole number (100,200,500 etc not likes 123,364 etc)

 -Never enter same order on one links again before complete first order (not here and not on other panels)

[ Instagram Likes ]

URL Example :

You can find your picture link by navigating to your Instagram Profile click over the picture and copy the URL The user MUST NOT BE PRIVATE  

[ Youtube Views, Likes & Others ] URL Example:

The video Must be Public 

[ Page Likes ]

URL Example : 

Where your page is the Page URL The Page must be Public! 

 Full link should be given for other fb orders make sure you give the link which starts like not

[ Twitter Followers ]

URL Example : Where USERNAME is your Twitter Username The Twitter Profile must be Public

 [ Twitter Retweets & Favorites ] URL Example : The Twitter Profile must be Public 

How to Update balance? 
Head over to your balance page, where you can top up using Paytm or Indian Bank!

Bank Balance may tak 5-30 Minutes

Paytm Balance Will Be added instantly

Question: What is Partially status?

Answer:If status is Partial it means system cannot give more likes/followers/views/suncrbsubsc to current page and money automatically refunded for remains likes/followers/views. It can happen due to server problem or if your total order is more then servers total capacity. Please order in a different server in that case or you can try placing it again 12-24 hours later.

Question: What is Cancelled Status??

If Order status is Cancelled, it means system is unable to Generate Followers/likes/views due to server issue or profile issue, Cancelled status also gets automatically refunded!

Q.The average time of completion on orders?

All orders will complete within 24 hours of the order.
Instagram & Twitter orders may take longer to complete (1-3 days)

Q. What is Difference between Instagram Refill and No Refill Followers

for example, if you order 1k followers and they drop to 800, services with refill will refill the followers back up to 1k 

the no refill services will not get a refill even if they drop

Question: Will I be refunded for drop followers or likes?

No, Likes/followers may possibly drop, this is because of the updates in twitter/Instagram/Facebook. This would only be around 2-3 followers per update. max. Some services are available for refill, they can be refilled again if dropped.
No refunds for the payments. 

Q..Can I cancel an order that I gave?

No, orders are permanent, cannot be canceled by Admin.
All users must be to the public before the order is placed until the order is finish. If the user is on private, please note that a refund is not issued as it will still hit our servers no matter what!

 If for any reason, We found you are doing any thing illegal,we reserve the right to withdraw your account from our system, including the balance. We also reserve the right to withdraw all followers/likes/views that you have processed through your account.

Other Questions?

SPEED : We can't speed up orders, system are automated.

DOUBLE ORDERS: We can't cancel orders if you made the mistake of ordering 2 times on the same link at the same time.

REFILL: For some Services while refill has been given, can be refilled by creating a Support Ticket using Order id